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Rpg Round Race #9

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Rpg Round Race #9

Postby kilburn88 » 27.09.2015, 12:50

Hello Guys,

Ready to go for another Roundrace on Saturday 3rd October at 20.00 CEST.

Maps will be:
- "#Fast & [C]rude" by maxi played 3 times
- "Purple Plot" by floxe played twice
- "v.28" by zomby played twice
- "RedChockCanyon" by dadel played once

Points will be added up each round.

The Race will be played on ZiZa's Pub² Rpg/Trial Server(login: zizaspub). Join us and have fun.

As always:
- no signup is needed, you can just join and race (even if you missed an earlier round or leave before all rounds are over)
- you can chat during race as much as you want, no chat silence required for a fun event
- enough overtime after first player finishes so people who arent familiar with the map can still finish
- people are also welcome to join and spec the race
- no drive or spectator passwords
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Re: Rpg Round Race #9

Postby Palteza » 27.09.2015, 16:51

Nice, a new round :)

On Trackmania calendar, as a link to the cup, this is still the topic of the 8th cup. You should really change the url into this one, otherwise people might train the maps of the 8th edition :o .
This is in the general cup informations.

edit : i've edited the url, that's ok now. Remember to change it each time.
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Re: Rpg Round Race #9

Postby kilburn88 » 28.09.2015, 20:26

Good reminder, really forgot about it :) and thanks for changing it already
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Re: Rpg Round Race #9

Postby kilburn88 » 03.10.2015, 21:12

Thanks for participating, it was a fun event again. Here are the results (fixed the points, final results now)
http://www.pic-upload.de/view-28481525/ ... s.png.html
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