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Rpg Round Race #10 Knockout Edition

PostPosted: 28.11.2015, 15:10
by kilburn88
Hello Guys,

Since this is the 10th Edition we will host a special Event on Saturday 5th December at 20.00 CEST.

Maps are new and will be unknown until the Event starts which will be played in rounds format.

Each map will be played until the winner is found with eliminating the last 2/3 players each round (depending on amount of participants). Only 1 player will get knocked out at top3/4.
For the first round there will be enough overtime to avoid having only a couple of players left. Map length is around 2-5 min.

People that join later should join as spectator but can still participate on the next map.

The Race will be played on ZiZa's Pub² Rpg/Trial Server(login: zizaspub). Join us and have fun.

As always:
- no signup is needed
- you can chat during race as much as you want, no chat silence required for a fun event
- people are also welcome to join and spec the race
- no drive or spectator passwords

Re: Rpg Round Race #10 Knockout Edition

PostPosted: 02.12.2015, 21:21
by nom²
is there going to be one or more warmup rounds or is it just join into rounds?

Re: Rpg Round Race #10 Knockout Edition

PostPosted: 03.12.2015, 00:07
by kilburn88
no warmup at all but there wont be real pathfinding