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Game crashes without errors!

PostPosted: 08.10.2016, 10:27
by Techno
Ok.I recently downloaded titlepack and all the mods included on it,tried to play some new rpg's and it instanly kicks me out of the game after 30 secs of joining the server,i have noticed that this issue happens only with tracks that has custom blocks in it.I talked with some guys and they said that my computer's performance is good and it's hasn't to do with that.This shit happens also in editor when i select custom blocks,it's mostly random and it crashes the whole game without any errors,like pressing alt and f4.All in all i can't play any rpg's or build,i have no idea why and i would be glad if someone can help me with that!

Re: Game crashes without errors!

PostPosted: 10.10.2016, 13:05
by skyslide
re install maniaplanet
and / or delete

some players have random crashed for some reason .. as example SUPERNOOB.... i had never a crash.. only if i use glitches in editor hehe ^^