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RPG Titan

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RPG Titan

Postby kaze. » 04.06.2013, 18:38

heya guys i'd like to present my new track called Titan.

the story: the city Titan has gone dark. there have
been no communications for over a week. So in order to find out what has
gone wrong on the planet, HQ sends in a seasoned scout called ruby to
uncover the mystery behind the city. once ruby arrives she notices that
there is not a single life-signal coming from the planet, so she goes in
to the city to have a better understanding on why the people

some info:
mod: rust city by dose
click this link if it doesn't load immediatly: http://www.vinummusik.de/Trackmania/RUSTCITY.zip
coppers used: 11887
blocks used: 4375
AT: 11:32
i think 8min is possible. perhaps even 7.

since this is my first map i'd like to have a lot of comments if possible. And be as harsh as you can! that way i'll feel like: i'll show you and make you beg for forgiveness when i release my second map :p

Track Info - TMX

and sorry i don't have any pics. for some reason they always end up extremely bad when i take them.
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Postby Geekthenet » 05.06.2013, 09:32

Good track! :thumbup:

I liked it. Some pathfinding, some harder cp's.
TMX : My latest track : Track Info - TMX

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