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TM2: Searching Plugin for custom objects

Get help on setting up a server and present it once it's finished

TM2: Searching Plugin for custom objects

Postby silver » 15.06.2013, 20:25

Hey RPG Crew!

After we've got now the wonderful feature to import Custom Objects, brought by HawkGer, there is still a problem we have to fix. Im searching for someone who can script plugins on his own for Multiplayer Server.
The problem is, that we can import the tracks on Multiplayer Server but noone can play/join the server, because he is missing the new Blocks. What I need is a plugin, that makes it possible, that all the new Objects will automatically be downloaded and everyone can play the maps without downloading all Blocks seperate and save the files in the belonging datas.

Can anyone help ?! Would be a nice conclusion to the new feature and awesome for all rpg online servers.
Peace silver 8)
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Postby ZiZa » 15.06.2013, 22:12


Hawk, maxi and me are working on the "official" RPG-Titlepack, which will have all the features you request. So be a bit more patient, you will see lots of cool stuff once we can release our project
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Postby silver » 17.06.2013, 15:16

Okay, thx for your Information :)!
I hope you guys don't forget to make something with the extrem darkness in RPG Maps! ,
propably set them back to normal TMUF graphics..
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