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LFL RPG Contest

LFL RPG Contest

Postby LFL Team » 28.01.2014, 20:49

Prizes are updated!


Hey boys and girls,

The LFL RPG Contest is finally here! We know you've been waiting for so long, and now its time to announce it here officially.

The date is 01/03/2014 !!!
You have to register to the cup, do it right now here

Server info will be added.

LFL RPG Contest will include more than 1 cup in it, there will be a normal contest, best rank contest, special weekend for Thom's map and prizes in final for unqualified players.

The Qualifying System:

The whole contest will be played over 3 weeks. First 2 weeks are qualifying weeks and there will be 8 maps to qualify.

First 2 best players will qualify on each map. If a player is qualified, they wont effect the players on next map, they will be ignored so the others can qualify.

First week, there will be 4 maps switching in a 3,5 hours of timelimit in server for 7 days. The weekend will be for Thom's map and 2 players will qualify on that map too. Also, there will be prizes for that map for top 3 best players.

Second week, there will be 4 maps and 7 days of map switching on the server. 8 people will qualify.

The Final Week:

There will be 10 qualified players from first week and 8 from second week. These 18 players will create 6 trio teams. The teams will be made randomly, but we will change if we see unbalanced teams.

6 trios will drive 4 final maps and as the final week is over, each rank of each player will be calculated together into one final rank of the trio. The team with the lowest rank will win.

Example: player1's rank on track1 + p1r2 + p1r3 + p1r4 + p2r1+ p2r2 + p2r3 + p2r4 +p3r1 +p3r2 + p3r3 + p3r4 = final trio rank

Extra Contests:

Rank Contest: There will be a rank contest for all the players. The best 5 ranked players in the server will win prizes. Players have to drive at least 10 maps out of 13 total maps in the server.

Unqualified Players Contest
: If you can't qualify in first 2 weeks, no need to worry. For the final week the best 3 players in ranks will win prizes if they are not qualified. You can keep hunting!

Contest on Thom's Map
: As we wrote earlier, there will be a weekend where players will drive only 1 map. On that map, along with qualifying, you can also earn prizes if you are in top 3.

As you know, we made a Trackbuilding Contest and the maps will be used from that. You will see that ranking when we start to play on the cup server. This is how we will judge:

3/10 atmosphere, 3/10 route, 3/10 hunting and 1/10 karma. So vote every map please! There will be sub-categories in judging, so don't worry about the criterias being too simple.


Trackbuilding Contest:

1st- Gold tag + 25000 coppers
2nd- Gold tag + 18000 coppers
3rd- Gold tag + 15000 coppers
4th- Gold tag + 12000 coppers
5th- Silver tag + 10000 coppers
6th- Silver tag + 8000 coppers
7th- Silver tag + 7000 coppers
8th- Silver tag + 6000 coppers
9th- Silver tag + 5000 coppers
10th- Bronze tag + 4000 coppers
11th- Bronze tag + 3000 coppers
12th- Bronze tag + 2000 coppers

The not chosen authors will each get a bronze tag.

Teams-Main Contest:

1st trio: 3x Gold tag + 50000 coppers each
2nd trio: 3x Silver tag + 30000 coppers each
3rd trio: 3x Silver tag + 15000 coppers each
4th trio: 3x Silver tag + 10000 coppers each
5th trio: 3x Bronze tag + 7500 coppers each
6th trio: 3x Bronze tag + 5000 coppers each

Every finalist will each get an extra gold tag.

Rank Contest:

1st- Gold tag + 75000 coppers
2nd- Gold tag + 50000 coppers
3rd- Gold tag + 30000 coppers
4th- Silver tag + 25000 coppers
5th- Silver tag + 20000 coppers
6th- Silver tag + 15000 coppers
7th- Silver tag + 12000 coppers
8th- Bronze tag + 8000 coppers
9th- Bronze tag + 6000 coppers
10th- Bronze tag + 5000 coppers

Unqualified Players Contest:

1st- Silver tag + 10000 coppers
2nd- Bronze tag + 7500 coppers
3rd- Bronze tag + 5000 coppers

Prizes for Decrepit City:

1st- Gold tag
2nd- Silver tag
3rd- Bronze tag

3 Easter Egg finders will each get a gold tag.

Your donations are still needed in order to make the prizes higher.

Some Extra Info:

Authors of the tracks can not qualify.
Cuts are allowed if you can find them.
Alternate ways are forbidden.
We prefer you to upload your replay if its a current world record.
MT cuts are forbidden.

Thanks all the donations we got by:
DDR Team
Pulse Team

And also thanks to all LFL members for their donations.
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LFL Team
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Postby taf_team » 29.01.2014, 01:04

nice, I post that in pulse forum

btw, 3*4=12 ..... so if the contest start at 6PM with map 1, it will be map 1 every day of the week at 6pm ...etc
there isn't any rotation (that is aproblem for player that are out all of the day (i will; internship))

shift at midnight ? :P

abdel ziza
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Postby berk1n » 29.01.2014, 16:03

yeah holz also mentioned about it. It will probably be 3h30 or something. I will change it when we decide
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Postby beep » 31.01.2014, 18:09

4F 's server (Heavens Door of RPG) is ok for the cup :)

account for donation?

(I am back) :P
4F clan
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Postby berk1n » 01.02.2014, 20:30

Thanks beep, we will talk you about the server again, donations are to me by the way ^^ berk1n
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Postby thedragon72 » 07.02.2014, 12:43

When will we know what maps have been selected ? (I don't understand all, sorry... ^^)
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Postby LFL Team » 23.02.2014, 18:26

Winning system for finals and timelimit on maps are updated.
LFL Team
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Postby SapphiroN » 25.02.2014, 06:59

I don't know if this is obvious or not, but..
Will this take place on the 'new' RPG Title Pack? Or vanilla version? Only stadium tracks? I would like to see this very basic information on the first post.. :S
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Postby gugaruz » 25.02.2014, 08:43

It's in trackmania 1 and there doesn't exist a titlepack, so to your question: No that cup is without the titlepack and is a rpg cup with normal blocks then :)
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Postby Reahx » 25.02.2014, 08:48

its obvious because this isnt the titlepack forum
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Postby skittle » 02.03.2014, 22:16

gugaruz, I can not get this to work in my explorer. And if I try the #join= version it asks for a password ?(

Not sure what to do.
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Postby taf_team » 02.03.2014, 23:37

because berkin did a mistake (favorite ^^==> favoUrite) :

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Postby skittle » 03.03.2014, 00:00

berkinator... come on now. :dash:


Thank you though! :hail:
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Postby gugaruz » 03.03.2014, 06:08

If you watch my post at the lfl cup registration thread, then you can read that i post it with "favourite" ;)
I think you didn't test my version :)

But now have fun on the cup :)
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Re: LFL RPG Contest

Postby HawkGer » 12.03.2014, 16:43

A few changes were made to the first post on the old forum. I tried adding all the new stuff. Please review however if everything is as it should be :)
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Re: LFL RPG Contest

Postby berk1n » 16.03.2014, 20:39

thanks hawk everything seems okay except colors ^^ and thats not important :P
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