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Outdated: Forum is closing in one month !

Outdated: Forum is closing in one month !

Postby HawkGer » 02.03.2014, 18:15

Hey forum users,

I sadly have to inform all of you that this forum will close on the 8th April as a result of Tabasco's decision to discontinue the forum.
The domain will be transferred to me and together with ZiZa we will try to build up a new forum on a different (and free) platform.

We received the database from Tabasco already, but we don't know yet how much of it we will be able to transfer. All accounts (together will all private messages etc.) will very likely not be transferred.
That's why I'm asking everyone who wishes to keep their private messages etc. to back them up asap!

I hope everything will go as smooth as possible :)

Btw. in case you have worked with phpBB3 before and would like to help out with the new forum, please contact either me or ZiZa. Thanks
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Postby XT3 » 02.03.2014, 18:53

Its sad to see the site go. ;( But I guess its been a good one for the site. I can help with making the new site if you want help. By the sight of MySQL error codes I know what kind of data base it uses and its MySQL. Luckly I know a bit on how to use it and site creation. I know of a free site host but the design are old and it has add. coz. But i'd use a different site hoster. If anyone on here has Skype add me and we can talk. Also HawkGer my offer stands in helping about the site.

On some positive notes I can do a few things listed below, most are if its making a new site.

1. If you need help with making a site I can help. I know MySQL that the forum uses. All i'd need is a new site hoster that supports it.
2. I have Dreamweaver and other web site creation tools. I know of a another hosting provider. Site Ground. It might cost money but it can do all that we do here.
3. Making a database for Mod. Yep I can create a large database for listing any mods
4. I know PHP, PHP MySQL, now I do not my PHPBBi but I can learn.
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Postby Clith » 03.03.2014, 21:46

It will be sad to see the site disappear in its current form, but I'm sure Hawk and Ziza are more than capable of making the new version of the site the centralised place for information about RPG in Trackmania.

Let me also be the first to say thanks to Tabasco for hosting the site for as many years as he has.
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Postby Tabasco » 04.03.2014, 04:28

I am sad too, but this time i have other priorities that are important as all i know.
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Postby Loe » 06.03.2014, 19:50

Oh its really Sad ;(
sorry nothing more to say

But I will help to make a new site!
Cya Loe :doofy:
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Re: Forum is closing in one month !

Postby Geekthenet » 16.03.2014, 13:48

New site is great and clean. Like it :)
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Re: Outdated: Forum is closing in one month !

Postby eie » 16.03.2014, 21:54

yeah, this new look is really fresh and clean ! Ich liebe es :D
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Re: Outdated: Forum is closing in one month !

Postby maxi031 » 18.03.2014, 00:05

Does not looks so clean to me.
Cant you see all that dirt in the background :)
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