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Hello from North East uk

Hello from North East uk

Postby wraith » 15.08.2014, 08:27

hello everyone its my first post here, But i must say i joined here way back 23/8/2011 bit of a shock its the same month i return to this site.

ok i live in the north east of uk, aprrox 7 miles south of a place called Durham City
age 40 plus lol "47" lol
i love taking photos,and messing around with trackmania, like most music,love tv shows like Breaking Bad, Game of thrones, plus i have my own facebook page i use to post anything i like about gaming link below !
some of yous will have seen my work around the forums but not here...
a friend from MP "hackie " as returned me to where i should have been since i joined in 2011 "so sorry"

best wishes wraith

facebook link
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Re: Hello from North East uk

Postby AlexUSA » 25.08.2014, 21:18

Welcome wraith! See you on the servers. :D
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Re: Hello from North East uk

Postby Crunch00 » 28.09.2014, 13:26

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Re: Hello from North East uk

Postby JuliusOctopus » 28.09.2014, 16:48

Hey and i hope i will see you ;) !
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