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pLexT says wazaaaaa

pLexT says wazaaaaa

Postby pLexT » 27.04.2011, 22:36

Hello all... I just joined up, so here's my TM story. When I started playing TM (about 3 years ago), I played mainly on dirt rounds servers, and I especially liked the "long" tracks (~2 min.), because there's nothing better than messing up early in a race and working your way back up through the pack to win it. Several months and 2 clans later, I 'discovered' LoL tracks. Once again TM had that 'fresh' feel, but it wasn't long before I was bored again. I thought I'd seen it all. Then one fateful day, (about 1 1/2 years ago) I stumbled onto a, RPG server running FourPowers. Finally a track that pushes the limits, I thought. Several hours (read: days) later, I actually finished it! I've been hooked ever since. Now, I come here to prostrate myself at the feet of the RPGurus, that I may glean some insight into the making of a great RPG track.
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Postby dose » 28.04.2011, 04:30

welcome mate!

-"you got a question about rpg's...you need a hand on mt work or mod,etc...
you are at the right place !!

As my title says; I build Mods , so in case you need a mod or got question refering mods, just knock ;)
Im one of the many modmakers who can help !

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