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Thanks Trackmania-rpg and 651 members

Thanks Trackmania-rpg and 651 members

Postby dose » 03.10.2012, 05:06

Just wanna let you know that it's been already 2 and half years since i've created this account
to know more about RPG and meet lots of RPG fans. And I was Served and happy !!!
first to give me the hand shake here ; hawkger ,Anonymous, popgun !
then came shorty, igntul, fish, promaxer, housekeepr, moi57 and the rest is just history to continu !!!

So to all of you that make this website works, Thank you !
I have given a lot of time on this game and here on this site....
I think i may keep my boots ON for an other year before i really retired!
Let's see where it lead me !

most of all Thanks trackmania-rpg.com


PS: thanks Roma4r for your bests wishes!

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Postby Tabasco » 03.10.2012, 08:14

Very nice to read this Dose.....

I am very proud to see what all member do.

I hope we start for the next 2,5 years :)

Thank you all
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Postby beep » 03.10.2012, 08:33

yes very nice :)

Agree with you Tabasco again more 2,5 year :P
4F clan
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Postby Roman4r » 03.10.2012, 09:55

np :)

Retired? noooo go go need to see my projects ,D
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Postby XT3 » 03.10.2012, 14:23

Ah well I have our project still in mind but if you retire before that time it will be just fine. I am glad o have known you my friend!
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Postby Shortz » 07.10.2012, 15:52

hehe dose, just stay here. :)

and also many thanks for your help with my mods :)
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Postby N00BYZOR » 07.10.2012, 17:26

Thanks for your help with my mod and everything you made for the RPG community :)
I wish you good luck with your future plans.
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