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Postby Anakin » 31.01.2019, 01:44

Greetings,As you know we have been planning for some time an RPG Tournament,Well its time to launch the event and as you know we will need some maps for the event so we would appreciate for you to read this carefully and if you have any questions to ask us,Thank you.
Registration:There is no need to register,Just contact us if you want to send us a map.
You can contact us at our RPG Server,through PM or just comment here.

Information & rules :
Game: TMNF
Length of the map: Between 8-12min for a very good run.
Unlimiter tracks are not allowed. ( tracks that can be opened with normal trackmania )
Types of map:You can send any type of RPG map that you wish(Tecnical,Speedy,Mixed,etc),We will try all the tracks sent to us.

We will need some special maps:
3 Pathfinding maps [Ideally:2h30+First try]
3 Maps suitable for KO [Ideally:Very easy but interesting,5-6Minutes].
Avoid private tests.Only test with Anakin, DJTIGER & the accepted beta testers.
The map has to be new & not published.
If we accept your map,you are not allowed to upload it to TMX untill we tell you too.
You have to use a mod.

Deadline: 5th of April 2019
The maps will be chosen according their story, atmosphere, etc
A total of 10 maps will be selected + 3K.O Maps + 3 Pathfinder maps.
The 3 best maps will receive an extra prize,aswell as the KO Maps & Pathfinder maps.
There is no need to register previously,But we would like to know who to count with,So if you tell us we would appreciate it.

Between the 10 maps selected: 7 Will receive 5000 Coppers + Silver Tag, The top 3 maps will receive 10.000 Coppers+Gold Tag.
The top 3 Pathfinder maps will receive 10.000 Coppers + Gold tag.
The top 3 K.O Maps will receive 7.000 Coppers + Silver Tag.

How to send us your track?
Through our email: noelanakin@gmail.com
Subject: RPG Tournament Map
Type of Map K.O/Pathfinder/Normal TA
Replay of the map
The track

If you want to help in the prizepool, you can donate so that the prizes are even better!
In game:

account in game PM: "tuho_ov"
or in our server OLE" RPG

Donate List:
-ch@rn-: 154.000cc
popgun: 25.000 cc
Reyser: 20.000 cc
Vampire: 16.000 cc
Krowner 15.000 cc
Berkin: 10.000 cc
Motors: 10.000 cc
Dedmick: 10.000cc
Koalazars: 5.200 cc
Pirlo: 5.125 cc
Funnenikos: 5.000 cc
chan: 4.000 cc
Heavyfootjaguar: 4.000 cc
Jon: 3.569 cc
Kike: 3.000 cc
Kaki: 2.000 cc
Innovia: 1.000 cc
'deus: 1.000 cc
Muxaun: 1.000 cc
Loe: 666 cc
Palomo: 500 cc
inspector 319 cc
Poly: 306 cc
low: 200 cc
lecky: 20 cc
pau: 20 cc

for any questions or suggestions contact discord:
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